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Policy 1102 – Employee Time Records

July 1, 2000
Last Updated
October 13, 2017
Last Reviewed
October 15, 2014
Responsible University Officer
Director of Payroll Services
Responsible Unit
Payroll Services

Policy Statement

In upholding the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the State policy regarding hours of work and overtime compensation, the University has established wage-hour provisions applicable to all SPA employees. This includes those employees required to complete an online Timecard within TIM, known as the Employee Time Record. The completion of an online Timecard within TIM is required as outlined in 1102.1rd.

Employee Timecards are approved by the manager and Sign Off is processed by the TIM Administrator. The hours within the employee’s timecard are transmitted to the Payroll System on the Wednesday evening following the end of the pay period.

Reason for Policy

TIM interfaces with various existing internally-developed University legacy business applications.  The system automates time reporting for payroll and special events, and centralizes the leave reporting system. The TIM system is used by University faculty (leave reporting only), staff, students and temporary employees. TIM offers the University's management the ability to manage time and leave on a real-time basis by providing tools and alerts to allow efficient handling of day-to-day situations that affect the campus unit's staffing, scheduling, and time reporting. University employees have immediate access to accurate and current leave data and time worked and the system provides employees a reliable process for their use.



Special Situations

At times there may be discrepancies between Employee Timecard and Payroll reports. The procedure for reporting these exceptions is listed below.


In support of this policy, the following procedures are included:

  • 1102.1 - Maintaining Employee Timecard within TIM for transmission to the Payroll System
  • 1102.2 - Reporting Payroll Exceptions

Additional Information

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Related Data

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Human Resources


SPA Employee Records Payroll Services 919-962-0047



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October 5, 2014: Updated Special Situations section.
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