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Policies and Procedures

Policy 1103 – Additional Compensation

July 1, 1996
Last Updated
October 13, 2017
Responsible University Officer
Director of Payroll Services
Responsible Unit
Payroll Services

Policy Statement

The University provides additional compensation for certain permanent employees whose work schedules require or request the employee to work at unusual times and/or under special circumstances. Managers in each department are responsible for entering each employee’s hours into TIM based on their assigned schedules. Examples of these compensation adjustments include the following:

1. On Call and Emergency Pay

In accordance with State policy, the University provides additional compensation to designated employees required to remain available to be called back to work on short notice if the need arises or is requested to respond on short notice to an emergency work situation to:

  • Avoid significant service disruption
  • Avoid placing employees or the public in unsafe situations
  • Protect and/or provide emergency services to property; or equipment
  • Respond to emergencies

2. Medically Related Shift Pay

In order to meet critical shortages of coverage on evening and weekend shifts in certain medically related areas, the University will compensate an SPA Exempt employee who consents to work additional hours beyond the regular work schedule with pay on a straight-time basis.

3. Holiday Premium Pay

SPA Permanent and Temporary employees required to work on a designated holiday will receive premium pay equal to one-half of their regular straight-time hourly rate, in addition to their regular salary. SPA Permanent employees will also be entitled to equal time off up to 8 hours for hours worked on the holiday.

4. Dual Employment

University employees on loan to other State agencies or institutions are paid through Payroll Services via the form for Dual Employment Certification. This form is processed from the other State agency or institution with accompanying payment that is to be made to the University employee. The form is completed by the Budget Office and forwarded to Payroll Services for processing payment.

Reason for Policy

In compliance with compensation policies of the State, this policy is established to clearly define the types of compensation adjustments applicable to University employees.



Special Situations

In all cases, additional compensation is included in "gross pay" for required statutory deductions such as Federal and State income tax withholding, Social Security, and State retirement.



Additional Information

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Related Data

North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Dual Employment Certification Form (manual entry) - Questions regarding the completion of this form should be directed to the Budget Office where completed forms are to be sent for approval before being forwarded to Payroll Services.


Additional Pay Payroll Services 919-962-0047
Dual Employment Budget Offices 919-966-3251



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