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Policies and Procedures

Procedure 1107.1 – Completing Federal and State Withholding Exemption Forms W-4 and NC-4

July 1, 1996
Last Updated
September 8, 2009
Responsible University Officer
Director of Payroll Services
Responsible Unit
Payroll Services

Procedure Statement

It is essential that the instructions for Federal and State Withholding Exemption Certificates are followed exactly as provided by those agencies and the University. To obtain a correct mailing address, Payroll Services must receive the W-4 and NC-4 form for new employees before releasing a payroll payment.

Forms and Instructions

1. Employees should print or type all information legibly so it can be read easily and clearly.

2. Print or type their name and address. Payroll Services will use this address for mailing W-2s to INACTIVE EMPLOYEES. A change of address for ACTIVE employees requires that the employee utilize the online campus directory to access and update their personal information using their ONYEN and password.

3. Enter the Social Security Number exactly as it appears on the Social Security card. It is the employee's responsibility to supply the correct number.

4. Sign and date the W-4 and NC-4 forms.

5. Submit the completed forms to Payroll Services.

      • W-4 Federal Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate
      • NC-4 North Carolina State Employee Withholding Exemption Certificate

Related Data

Additional Withholding Allowances

Based on the number of regular federal withholding exemptions, an employee may claim an additional withholding amount.

To increase the total amount of withholding for federal or state tax, the employee must complete and submit a W-4 or NC-4 form and specify the additional dollar amount to be withheld each pay period as indicated on the form.


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