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Policies and Procedures

Procedure 1110.1 – Authorizing Graduate Student Tuition and Fee Deductions

January 9, 2004
Last Updated
February 1, 2017
Last Reviewed
October 26, 2015
Responsible University Officer
Director of Payroll Services
Responsible Unit
Payroll Services

Procedure Statement

In order to have tuition and fees deducted from paychecks, the following steps must be taken.

Forms and Instructions

1. Access the Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Authorization Form through the link below. A separate form is required for each semester.

2. Use the tuition and fee schedule distributed by the Office of the University Cashier (Cashier's Office) to estimate tuition and fees.

3. The graduate student must use their single sign-on (SSO) information associated with their Personal ID Number (PID) assigned by the University.

4. Submit the completed form to the Office of the University Cashier (Cashier's Office) by the established deadline for approval.

5. The Cashier's Office may authorize Payroll Services to cancel future deductions if the student account is paid in full.  Cancellation requests initiated by the student must be completed on the Graduate Student Payroll Authorization Cancellation Form.

  • 1110.1.1f - Graduate Student Employee Payroll Deduction Authorization form
  • 1110.1.2f – Graduate Student Employee Payroll Deduction Cancellation form

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Tuition and Fee Schedule


February 1, 2017:  Modified process to include Single Sign-On information and updated terms from Student Account Receivables to Cashier's Office.
October 26, 2015: Added Form 1110.1.2f.
July 15, 2014: Changed information for Form 1110.1.1f, removed Form 1110.1.2f
July 17, 2009