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Procedure 1112.3 – Paying Graduate Students

May 16, 2005
Last Updated
June 30, 2016
Last Reviewed
June 30, 2016
Responsible University Officer
Associate Provost for Finance and Academic Planning
Executive Director of Campus Health Services
University Controller
Responsible Unit
Accounting Services

Procedure Statement

This procedure describes methods of payments to graduate students.

Compensation through Payroll Services

  • The “Hire an Employee” ePAR should be initiated in ConnectCarolina for service appointments.
  • Graduate students with teaching or research assignments should be employed on the monthly payroll cycle. A memo addressing payments to graduate students was issued in July 2015.
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow trainees are paid monthly.

Awards through GradStar System

Beginning Fall 2010 term, fellowship or other non-service awards to graduate students must be processed through the GradStar System and the recipients will receive the payment as a refund check from the Office of the Student Accounts and University Receivables.

Payment Through Disbursement Services

Non-service award payments to graduate students (traineeship) will continue to be paid through Disbursement Services using campus vouchers in ConnectCarolina. Entries should include the following specific information:

  • Description of payment (e.g. traineeship)
  • Student’s name, permanent address, PID#, contact information
  • Appropriate rank
  • Non-service award for degree-seeking candidate and field of study
  • Period of award, first and last months of payment, number of payments desired
  • Indication if student is undergraduate or graduate
  • Indication if student is or is not a US citizen (1119.1.1f - Foreign National Information Form - PR100, must be attached for non-US citizens)

Forms and Instructions

  • 1119.1.1f - Foreign National Information Form - PR100

Related Data

The ranks to be used for compensation are:

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Pre-Doctoral Fellow trainees

Expense accounts valid for service award payments in campus voucher, allowable only in OSR Trainee Grant Programs are:

  • 568710 Trainee Stipends Students will receive 1099 Misc. Income information for tax purposes.
  • 568720 Trainee Dependency Allowance.
  • 568740 Trainee Book Allowance.
  • 568760 Trainee Other – charges must be authorized by terms and conditions of the awarding agencies.

Expense accounts valid in GradStar for non-service awards are:

  • 568110 Appropriated Non-service Scholarships
  • 568120 Appropriated Non-service Fellowships
  • 568730 Trainee Tuition & Fees – subject to terms and conditions of the awarding agency.
  • 569170 Other Non-service Scholarships
  • 569180 Other Non-service Fellowships

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  • 1112.1 - Verifying Student Eligibility for the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP)
  • 1112.2 - Enrolling in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP)
  • 1112.4 - Paying Graduate Student Health Insurance Program (GSHIP) Insurance Premium


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