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Policy 1237 – Changes to Purchase Orders

January 1, 1995
Last Updated
February 2, 2015
Last Reviewed
February 2, 2015
Responsible University Officer
Director of Purchasing Services
Responsible Unit
Procurement Services

Policy Statement

Only Purchasing may request a change to a purchase order already accepted by a vendor. A charge may be made for changing or canceling an order only when a vendor has expended funds for fabrication or ordering special equipment or supplies.

If a purchase order is written to a vendor but differs from the terms and conditions previously offered by the vendor, it is not a binding contract until the vendor either acknowledges and accepts the purchase order in writing, or delivers the goods or services detailed in it. Breaking or cancelling a contract requires the consent of both parties.

Most vendors are willing to make reasonable changes to an order without penalty to the purchaser.

Departmental requests for changes to an existing purchase order should be made through ConnectCarolina. This includes increases or decreases in the order quantity or dollar value, cancellations, liquidations, account number changes (before invoicing) and returns.

Reason for Policy

This policy ensures compliance in making contract modifications through individuals with delegated authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University.


After an invoice has been entered into ConnectCarolina any chartfield string change required must be done via online journal entry after the payment posts, even if the change is requested before a payment has been made.

Special Situations



  • 1226.1 – Creating a Purchase Order

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I need to encumber additional funds on my standing order and I'm not sure how to accomplish this?
A: Process a change request through ConnectCarolina. Start with a new requisition number and show the funding source and additional dollars to be added. Indicate that this is a change request to encumber additional funds and clearly reference the existing standing order number. This provides the proper audit trail.

Q: I need to change the dollar/percentage allocations on an existing purchase order. How do I do this?
A: This change can be made only if there are no invoices entered in the system against the existing purchase order number. Process a change request and show the new dollar/percentage allocation you are requesting to provide the proper audit trail.

Q: My requisition was entered in the system with the wrong account listed. How can I change this?
A: Process a change request showing the complete chartfield string (with new account listed) along with the entire amount of the purchase order. Purchasing will make the change once the requisition has been completed and transferred into ConnectCarolina.

Q: The estimated dollar figures on my requisition were not enough to cover the entire amount of the purchase order once the bids were received. What is the process to add the additional amount to the purchase order?
A: Process a change request showing only the additional amount to be added along with chartfield string. This additional amount of money must be added to a line item. Mentioning it in a text line will not allow the change request to process properly.

Q: Who do I speak to if I want to make changes to my purchase order?
A: If you need to make a change to a purchase order (additions, deletions, other corrections) call the appropriate agent listed on the purchase order and submit a change request.

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