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Policy 1253 – Small Order Purchase via Business-to-Business Strategic Partner Agreements

January 1, 2000
Last Updated
October 3, 2014
Last Reviewed
October 3, 2014
Responsible University Officer
Director of Purchasing Services
Responsible Unit
Purchasing Services

Policy Statement

The University has negotiated strategic partner agreements with several vendors to allow for online purchasing, or Business-to-Business (B2B) purchases, of goods and services as allowed by the Small Order Policy 1251. The use of eProcurement vendors provides the convenience of desktop ordering, lower prices, free delivery to the department, consolidated billing, on-site customer support and training. ePro enhances internal controls by providing the University with the ability to electronically track orders, receiving and payment.

After proper registration and training with vendors, authorized personnel from each department may place online orders for merchandise to be delivered to their office. All online orders will appear as direct charges to the chartfield string entered when the order was placed. The purchase details for National Welders tank rentals and FedEx may be found in the Customer Billing Management (CBM) system. For all other ePro vendors the details are found directly on the campus voucher in ConnectCarolina.

Reason for Policy

This policy is to ensure compliance with the University’s Small Order Policy and offer an efficient means of acquiring goods and services quickly at a lower cost.



Special Situations




Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the return policy for items purchased via eProcurement?
A: Generally, the eProcurement vendor has a return policy that guarantees against defects, workmanship and loss through shipping.

Q: What if I enter the wrong chartfield string when placing my order?
A: The order will be processed as placed. Each department is required to provide a default chartfield string which will be charged if the chartfield string keyed is not valid.

Q: How do I know I am being charged the correct amount for my transactions?
A: You should print out the confirmation screen that appears showing the amount to be charged and most of the vendors send an email showing the order details, delivery information and the cost of the items ordered.

Q: I have a charge on my CBM statement for last month from National Welders that I don’t believe is mine. How do I get more information?
A: Contact Customer Service at 919-843-2029.

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October 1, 2014: Updated references to eProcurement; Customer Billing Management system, chartfield string.
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