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Procedure 1269.1 – Establishing and Paying for Mobile Communication Device Business Expenses

December 1, 2010
Last Updated
March 4, 2015
Last Reviewed
March 4, 2015
Responsible University Officer
Director of Purchasing Services
Responsible Unit
Purchasing Services

Procedure Statement

The departmental supervisor is responsible for deciding who needs to carry a mobile communication device (MCD) to perform his/her duties. The employee may choose the plan and device. By completion of the MCD justification process in ConnectCarolina, a stipend will be paid to eligible employees for their business use of the device.

Forms and Instructions

To begin or change an employee’s information for a MCD, the justification must be entered within ConnectCarolina’s Lump Sum ePAR page, choosing “MCD” from the dropdown menu. The Termination of Mobile Communication Device (MCD) Plan Form must be completed for each employee wishing to cancel the stipend. The form should be forwarded to Payroll Services for processing as soon as possible. The immediate supervisor and the department chair must both sign the form. A copy of the stipend justification must be retained in the originating department for audit purposes. The department is responsible for notifying Payroll Services when the stipend payments are to be terminated.

  • 1269.1.1f – Termination of Mobile Communication Device (MCD) Plan Form

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March 4, 2015: Updated justification form and process information to correspond with ConnectCarolina.
December 1, 2010