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Policy 1305 – Third Party Lodging

May 17, 2011
Last Updated
May 17, 2011
Responsible University Officer
Director of Systems and Operations
Responsible Unit
Systems and Operations

Policy Statement

Requests for all types of third party lodging must provide suitable evidence of savings to the University. Documentation is required to show such savings to the University and should be based on approved in-state and out-of-state lodging rates. When requests exceed State lodging rates, an appropriate comparison of local hotels may be submitted as evidence of savings to the University. Any requests that do not show a savings must provide sufficient justification to support the necessity for third party lodging. Each applicant must provide a completed Request for Third Party Lodging form and a signed lease agreement to the approving party before approval may be granted for payment or reimbursement. Prior to forwarding to Travel Services each request must be approved by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee.

Reason for Policy

University sanctioned travel may occasionally stipulate the use of lodging in an apartment or home rather than a hotel or motel. This policy was developed as an internal method of authorizing third party lodging for University affiliates traveling on official University business.


Third party lodging will not be considered for non-employees.

Lease agreements with family members are prohibited.

Special Situations



  • 1305.1 - Requesting Third-Party Lodging Reimbursement

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May 17, 2011