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Policy 1401 – Insurance for University Vehicles

August 1, 2003
Last Updated
June 12, 2009
Responsible University Officer
Director of Risk Management Services
Responsible Unit
Risk Management Services

Policy Statement

All University-owned vehicles, trailers, and mobile equipment are covered under the master insurance policy of the State of North Carolina. Risk Management Services provides the policy numbers used to identify coverage.

University-operated vehicles come under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Department of Administration’s Motor Fleet Management Division which provides all regulations, policies and procedures related to their assignment and use.

In order for University-owned vehicles, vehicles leased from Motor Fleet Management, or vehicles rented from private rental agencies for University use to be afforded coverage under our insurance policy, they should be operated only by State employees in the scope of University employment. For purposes of vehicle assignment, a State employee is defined as "any individual working for the state of North Carolina for wages or salary."

Graduate and professional students may also operate University vehicles under either of the following conditions:

  • The student meets the definition of "State Employee" as described above; or
  • The student is enrolled in the University; his/her educational training requires the use of a State-owned vehicle; and his/her use of the State-owned vehicle is supervised and permitted by a University official.

Students and non-State employees may be passengers in University vehicles provided they are attending athletic events or other activities officially sanctioned by the University.

Personal vehicles operated by University employees are provided with Excess Liability Insurance under our insurance policy as long as the vehicle is used solely in the scope of the person's University employment at the time of the incident. This excess liability coverage does not become applicable until all Primary Liability Insurance is exhausted or there is no primary liability insurance available. Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance is not provided under the University's policy for personal vehicles.

All University vehicles and motorized equipment are automatically provided with Liability Insurance once we take ownership. Campus departments do not have to arrange for this coverage. However, Collision Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance or Medical Payments Insurance is optional and is not automatically provided. Campus departments should contact Risk Management Services to arrange for these optional coverages.

Reason for Policy

The University's insurance is part of a master policy issued to The State of North Carolina. We are required to comply with all state policies regarding insurance and vehicle use.


As with any insurance policy, certain Terms and Conditions may exist which limit or exclude coverage. Contact Risk Management Services for information on these policy limitations or Exclusions.

This University's policy does not apply to foundation-owned, dealership or courtesy vehicles.

Special Situations

The University's policy restricts coverage to just the United States, its territories, and Canada. Employees operating vehicles in Canada must provide proof of vehicle liability insurance. Contact Risk Management Services at least thirty days prior to departure for liability insurance verification documentation to carry with you throughout your travel in Canada.

For vehicles driven in any other foreign country, contact Risk Management Services for assistance with obtaining the necessary insurance coverage.


  • 1401.1 - Acquiring Insurance for University Vehicles
  • 1403.1 - Reporting Accidents

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can operate University-owned vehicles?
A: University-owned vehicles should only be operated by State employees while in the scope of University employment. (a State employee is defined as "any individual working for the state of North Carolina for wages or salary."). An exception is made for graduate and professional students provided they meet the definition of "State Employee" or they are enrolled in the University; their educational training requires the use of a State-owned vehicle; and their use of the State-owned vehicle is supervised and permitted by a University official.

Q: What insurance coverages are provided for University vehicles?
A: All University vehicles have liability coverage which is mandatory in North Carolina. Other insurance coverages such as collision, comprehensive or medical payments is optional and must be specifically requested by the custodial department.

Q: What types of vehicles are covered by the University's insurance?
A: All university-owned vehicles, trailers and mobile equipment (such as golf carts, gators and cushmen) are covered by this policy. Vehicles leased from the NC Department of Administration's Motor Fleet Management or rental vehicles being used for University business are also covered. Personal vehicles used for University business are only provided with liability coverage, but on a secondary basis to the owner's personal liability insurance. Foundation-owned or dealership vehicles are not covered by this insurance policy.

Q: Is my personal vehicle covered by the University's insurance if I use it for official business?
A: An employee's personal vehicle being used for University business is covered with liability insurance only. This liability insurance is secondary to the employee's personal coverage. Collision and comprehensive coverage is not provided under the University's policy

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June 12, 2009