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Procedure 1403.1 – Reporting Automobile Accidents

July 1, 2003
Last Updated
June 12, 2009
Responsible University Officer
Director of Risk Management Services
Responsible Unit
Risk Management Services

Procedure Statement

Immediately notify

Risk Management Services of all automobile accidents or damage involving University-owned, Motor Fleet Management, or personal vehicles being used for official state business.

Forms and Instructions

For all accidents or damage involving a University-owned vehicle or mobile equipment, a vehicle leased from Motor Fleet Management, or a rental or personal vehicle being used for University business, complete an Automobile Loss Notice (1403.1.1f) and submit to Risk Management Services within 24 hours of the loss. If the vehicle was being operated at the time of loss, the driver must complete the Automobile Loss Notice. Otherwise, any department representative may complete the form.

When submitting the completed Automobile Loss Notice to Risk Management Services, include any supporting documentation such as the accident report and driver's exchange slip.

Always report automobile accidents to the appropriate law enforcement agency and obtain the other party's contact and insurance information from the investigating officer. For situations where it is not possible to submit the Automobile Loss Notice within 24 hours, contact Risk Management Services immediately and provide them with a verbal report. Always also notify your immediate supervisor of the accident.

If the accident involved bodily injury to any party, contact Risk Management Services immediately. If an employee was injured, also follow the University procedures for reporting workers' compensation injuries.

If the other party is at fault for an accident, their automobile liability insurance should pay for the damage to our vehicle. Obtain the other party's contact and insurance information and Risk Management Services will assist with reporting the claim to the other insurance carrier.

If an accident occurs while a personal vehicle is being used for University business, the employee's personal automobile liability insurance is considered the primary coverage. Therefore, these accident types should also be reported promptly to the employee's insurance company.

Once the Automobile Loss Notice is received, Risk Management Services will report the claim to the applicable automobile insurance company and provide the driver or campus department with any further instructions that may be needed.

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June 12, 2009