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Procedure 1409.1 – Acquiring Insurance for Study and Travel Abroad

July 1, 2003
Last Updated
October 1, 2014
Last Reviewed
October 1, 2014
Responsible University Officer
Director of Risk Management Services
Responsible Unit
Risk Management Services

Procedure Statement

The University provides a comprehensive accident and sickness insurance policy specially designed for students, faculty and staff participating in international education programs. To enroll in this program, campus departments must submit a completed Study Abroad Insurance Request form to Risk Management Services. Risk Management Services will process the insurance request and provide the necessary documentation before the participant's international departure date.

Forms and Instructions

To enroll in the University's study and travel abroad insurance program, all requests must be made to Risk Management Services. A completed Study Abroad Insurance Request Form should be completed by the campus department's study abroad or travel administrator and emailed to Risk Management Services. If there is more than one participant for a particular international program, all participants can be included on a single request form.

Students, faculty, staff and their family members may participate in the University's study and travel abroad insurance program. However, the international travel must be approved and sponsored by the University. Students, faculty or staff whose international travel is on an individual basis and independent of any University recognized purpose, are not eligible to enroll.

Request forms should be submitted to Risk Management Services at least seven days prior to the departure date in order to allow time to process the request and distribute the participant's ID cards. Participants will receive their ID cards and other applicable information either by email or through their department's study abroad or travel administrator.

Campus departments submitting their completed Study Abroad Insurance Request form do not need to include money. Risk Management Services will charge the department the appropriate amount through ConnectCarolina.

The cost of the insurance coverage depends on the status of the participant (whether they are a student, faculty, staff member or family member), the time period of travel, and the types of coverage purchased. Contact Risk Management Services for all exact costs or a complete copy of this insurance policy.

1409.1.1f - Study Abroad Insurance Request Form

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