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Policies and Procedures

Procedure 406.1 – Reinvesting Endowment Income

March 1, 2002
Last Updated
February 1, 2010
Responsible University Officer
University Controller
Responsible Unit
Accounting Services

Procedure Statement

Subject to donor-imposed restrictions, the departments may elect to use the distributed endowment income, invest in the University Temporary Pool, or reinvest all or a portion of the income with the UNC-CH Foundation Investment Fund Inc. (Investment Fund), for withdrawal at a later date.

Forms and Instructions

Endowment income may be reinvested in the Investment Fund by using the Trust & Special Funds Transfer module of the Online Journal Entry System, which allows transfers to the principal account from the related income account only.

For accessing the Trust & Special Funds Transfer module of the Online Journal Entry System and submitting transactions for reinvestments see the Online Journal Entry Subsystem Manual under Accounting on the Finance and Accounting Training page.

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February 1, 2010