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Policies and Procedures

Procedure 603.4 – Reporting University Equipment Movement On and Off Campus

July 1, 2002
Last Updated
July 13, 2009
Responsible University Officer
Director of Logistics
Responsible Unit
Asset Management

Procedure Statement

Equipment owned by UNC-CH must remain on campus. On-campus movement of equipment requires departmental authorizations and completion of a 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation form to Asset Management.

Off-campus movements require departmental letters of justification and completion of an 603.4.1f - Off-Campus Use Agreement to be sent to Asset Management.

Forms and Instructions

Departments bear the responsibility for the location of their equipment inventory. Departments are to keep records of equipment on campus that is not in its assigned location. Department heads are to be informed and grant approval for the on-campus movement of an asset.

If equipment is moved from its assigned location for a period of three months or longer, a 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation Form is to be sent to Asset Management to record the new on-campus location of the asset. If off-campus usage of equipment is necessary, an 603.4.1f - Off-Campus Use Agreement together with a letter of justification are required to be sent to Asset Management. Both documents should bear the signature of the user and the user's supervisor.

Copies of all forms are to be retained in the department files. The 603.4.1f - Off-Campus Use Agreement covers a period of one year. Longer off-campus usage requires annual renewal of the Off-Campus Use Agreement. A renewed letter of justification is not required if the purpose for the off-campus usage is the same. When equipment is returned from off-campus usage, submit a new 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation form reporting the return and new location of the equipment.

The Off-Campus Use Agreement is also used by departments to document off-campus usage of non-capitalized equipment. These completed forms are kept by the departments. It is not necessary to send Asset Management copies of these forms

  • 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation Form
  • 603.4.1f - Off-Campus Use Agreement

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