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Policies and Procedures

Procedure 603.6 – Transfer of Equipment to Other Institutions

July 1, 2002
Last Updated
July 17, 2009
Responsible University Officer
Director of Logistics
Responsible Unit
Asset Management

Procedure Statement

University equipment can be acquired through a variety of funding sources. As such, approval channels for transfer of equipment to other institutions will vary. The approval process requires approximately sixty days lead time to complete.

Transfers to UNC Hospitals, General Administration, WUNC-TV and Student Activities are handled in the same manner as transfers to other institutions.

Forms and Instructions

Prepare a letter approved by your department head or chair, addressed to Director of Logistics, Asset Management, describing the reason for transfer and including the following information:

Description of equipment including the manufacturer's name, model, and serial number

UNC-Chapel Hill decal number

Source of funds used to acquire the equipment

Acquisition date

Reimbursement amount requested from receiving institution

Contact information for the receiving institution

Unless special arrangements are made with the sponsoring agency, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the receiving institution.

General purpose equipment or supplies, such as copiers and office calculators, desks and chairs are not usually transferred. If the department can no longer use this type of equipment, it should be sent to University Surplus for disposal or recycling. See 604.1. Computer equipment transfer requests require approval from ITS Security. Equipment transferred out of the country requires approval from Environmental Health and Safety. See this link for guidance.

Additional documentation required depends on how the equipment was originally funded.

State-owned equipment requires the following steps:

1.Asset Management will verify the details of the above request and forward to State Surplus in Raleigh for approval.

2. Reimbursement will normally be required from the receiving institution. Asset Management will notify the requestor of the final decision with further instructions. Equipment will not be released until reimbursement is received.

Additional documentation for equipment still owned and controlled by an active grant requires the following step:

3. Approval from Office of Sponsored Research and the granting agency providing original funding. Asset Management will contact Office of Sponsored Research on your behalf and notify you if additional documentation is required.

Approval from State Surplus is not necessary. Asset Management will notify the requestor of the final decision with further instructions.

If a dean or department head feels the proposed transfer of grant-funded property would seriously hinder other research or training, s/he may submit in writing the justification for that position to Office of Sponsored Research for consideration.

At the end of the approval process for all equipment transfers, a completed 603.5.1f Capital Equipment Relocation form is required to be submitted to Asset Management with the decal or bar code attached. Approval signatures and transfer approval correspondence must be submitted with the form. Asset Management will update the department asset inventories upon receipt of this documentation.

  • 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation form

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