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Policies and Procedures

Policy 605 – Surplus Computers or Electronic Media Storage Devices

February 1, 2004
Last Updated
December 11, 2015
Last Reviewed
December 11, 2015
Responsible University Officer
Director of Logistics
Responsible Unit
Asset Management

Policy Statement

Computer hard drives and other electronic media storage devices are to be erased or removed under the direction of the responsible Dean, Director or Department Chair when no longer serviceable. The erased hard drives and electronic media storage devices are to be sent to the University Surplus Property Warehouse as described in 604.1. Electronic media storage devices can also be sent to the University Surplus Property Warehouse for shredding.

Reason for Policy

The University established this policy in accordance with NCGS chapter 75 , subsections 61 and 62 to protect individual records and information and to prevent involuntary disclosure of individual social security numbers.



Special Situations



  • 604.1 Disposing of University – Owned Surplus Property

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I remove the hard drive, may I give computers to another school?
A: The University is not allowed to transfer or give computers to any other school, business, organization, or individual. Any computer not sold to a campus department or at the University Surplus Warehouse Retail Store is transferred to the North Carolina State Surplus Property Agency for recycling.

Q:  If my department doesn’t have the expertise or capability to erase or shred a computer hard drive, may we send it to Surplus and request that Surplus erase it?
A:  Yes. Computers and other electronic media storage devices may be sent to the Surplus Property Warehouse to be shredded or erased. This service must be explicitly requested when you turn in the property. Units will be charged a nominal fee for this service.  If visual verification of shredding is required, contact the Surplus Property Warehouse at 919-962-2134 for an appointment.

Related Data

UNC-Chapel Hill Campus standards for electronic media disposal

NCGS chapter 75 , subsections 61 and 62


Surplus Computers Asset Mgmt – Capital Assets 919-962-6267 919-962-6271
Electronic Media Shredding Surplus Property Warehouse 919-962-2134 919-843-0166



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