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Procedure 904.1 – Dual Employment: UNC-CH as the Borrowing Agency

September 25, 1997
Last Updated
October 1, 2014
Last Reviewed
October 1, 2014
Responsible University Officer
Director of Budget Office
Responsible Unit
Budget Office

Procedure Statement

The UNC-Chapel Hill borrowing department is responsible for initiating a written agreement with the Parent State agency to secure the services of an employee from that agency. After the services are rendered, the borrowing department must initiate a Dual Employment Certification Form. After completing the appropriate sections of the form, the department should forward it along with the Dual Employment Payment Request for payment to the University Budget Office for budget review and processing to the Accounting Office to generate a Cash Management Central System Transfer (CMCST) to the Parent agency.

Forms and Instructions

Dual Employment Agreement

The borrowing department’s written agreement should address the following:

  • The period of time covered must be clearly fixed.
  • The rate of pay must be known, even if the exact payment amount cannot be computed.
  • The arrangement must be confined to one fiscal year, renewing annually if services cross fiscal years.
  • Reimbursement payments cannot be made until after services are rendered. When services are to be spread over a period of time (such as a semester), the payment to the Parent agency, as well as the employee, may be spread over the same period but must be made on a pay-period basis.

The above requirements must be met and agreed upon by both agencies in order to establish a dual employment agreement.

Dual Employment Certification Form

After the services are rendered, the borrowing department must initiate a Dual Employment Certification Form. As the Borrowing Agency, complete both boxes of Section One of the form. Complete this form and make two copies for routing (original and two copies) accompanied by the Dual Employment Payment Request.

In Section One of the Certification Form, enter the following information on the left side of the form. Name of Agency (UNC-Chapel Hill) and Department Name (make sure you always spell out “Chapel Hill”); Employee Name; Dates Worked; and Brief Description of Work. On the Agency Code and Subhead line, include the departmental chartfield and use account 522710 (Employee on Loan Payments). The Signature of the Contracting Agency Official line should be signed by the department head. The space below this line is reserved for the UNC-CH approving official which is the Provost Office (CB#8000).

On the right side Section One: One Time Supplemental Payment, enter the amount for services rendered, then calculate the matching social security. The total payment due to the Parent Agency is the combination of the two.

In Section Two: Certification of Parent Agency, complete the Name of the Parent Agency and Name of Employee fields. Never enter Social Security Number.

When routing for approvals, attach a copy of the written agreement and the Dual Employment Payment Request to the Parent agency for the amount of the services plus applicable benefits (normally social security) for processing. Confirm the form and copies have appropriate signatures. Forward these documents to the Budget Office for budget review and processing. The Dual Employment Payment Request will then be sent to Accounting Services to process payment and will be sent to Parent agency.

North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Dual Employment Certification Form (manual entry)

UNC-Chapel Hill Dual Employment Certification Form (fillable online)

904.2.1f - UNC-Chapel Hill Dual Employment Payment Request Form

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October 1, 2014: Updated process for written agreement with Parent Agency.
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