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Procedure 904.5 – SHRA (formerly SPA) Additional Pay with Other State Agencies

December 1, 2003
Last Updated
May 3, 2016
Responsible University Officer
Director of Budget Office
Responsible Unit
Budget Office

Procedure Statement

A permanent full-time SHRA employee (scheduled for 40 hours/per week) normally is appointed to one position at one established rate of pay. Additional employment involves work beyond the permanent full-time employee’s regular scheduled 40 hours.

Forms and Instructions

The loaning department must complete a Dual Employment Request form and secure approval from the Director of Employment and Staffing

Once services are rendered, the loaning department should coordinate the preparation and submission of time records and other documents as may be required by the Office of Human Resources Classification and Compensation, to fix the compensation due the employee. Once wage hour approvals are received, the loaning department should transmit this information to the borrowing agency with a request that a Dual Employment Certification Form be initiated in triplicate to cover the services rendered and forward the Dual Employment Certification Form with the check to pay for the services provided.

The Parent Department should confirm that the borrowing agency has properly completed Section One and then Section Two should be completed by the Parent Department. All three copies of the Dual Employment Certification Form should be forwarded along with the check and other attachments including the approved Dual Employment Request through the administrative channels to the Director of Employment and Staffing for final approval. If approved, the Director will sign the Dual Employment Certification Form and forward all the documents to the Budget Office for processing; and will forward to Payroll to include the payment in the employee’s next regular paycheck.

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May 3, 2016: Modified all SPA references to reflect state change to "SHRA."
January 31, 2012