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Procedure 905.1- Using State Fund Sources for Position Control

May 8, 2012
Last Updated
October 1, 2014
Last Reviewed
October 1, 2014
Responsible University Officer
Director of Budget Office
Responsible Unit
Budget Office

Procedure Statement

State Budgets are established and maintained in three categories: Academic Affairs, Health Affairs and Area Health Education Centers (AHEC). Each category is identified by a State Budget code within the University fund/source combinations. Each chartfield string contains business unit, fund, source, account and department ID.

The Position Control Matrix displays State Budgets and how they are arranged. The location of a fund/source, where it is housed, and the budget and purpose code can be found in ConnectCarolina.

Forms and Instructions

Transfers can only be done within the same source for that budget code. Transfers should never occur between State appropriations and F&A funds, or between State appropriations and Receipt-Supported fund/sources. If there are questions pertaining to one of these fund types, please contact the designated Budget Officer.

905.1.1rd - Position Control Matrix

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October 1, 2014: Updated terminology for fund/source combinations for State budgets.
May 8, 2012